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Marketing Support:
The modern and quality-oriented equipment, strict checking method make the super stability of products. "Customers First" is one of our core values. We are laser-focused on taking care of our customer’s needs. Any before-sales or after-sales service, you can contact us with phone call or other contact ways.
Technical Support:
Technical departments enables to provide technical instructions or online guidance for new and regular users.
Shipping Support:
We cooperate with high-quality shipping modes DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT, EMS Service to ensure the safety of your products and the quickness while in transition.
Surely, it will be based on your needs when choosing shipping modes.
Warranty & Service:
We strive to solve your problem in a fast and professional manner. You find the solution to most product issues on our online support site or by contacting SHARINGTEK Support. 
• Two-year warranty. Equipments manufactured by SHARINGTEK Communication are covered by two-year warranty.
• During the warranty period if your products are defective due to manufacturing defect, the products will be repaired without charge.
• Beyond the warranty period if your products are defective, the products will be repaired with charge.
• Free lifetime tech support. We offer free lifetime technical support as long as you own our products.


E-mail:  admin@sharingtek.com

Address: 7/F, Shanghui Information Buliding, Qiaotou, Fuyong, Baoan, Shenzhen, China, 518000

Website: http://www.sharingtek.com

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