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Finland plans to access to Arctic Connect

2018-06-28 18:06

Cinia, Finland’s ICT service provider, revealed that C-fiber Hanko will invest in Arctic Connect, the Arctic submarine cable system, to establish a digital bridge between Europe and Asia through the Northeast Passage.
It is reported that the project commissioned by the Finnish Ministry of Communications will be operated by Cinia. At present, C-Fiber Hanko has already connected the 1200 km C-Lion1 submarine cable in Helsinki, Finland, with the interconnection between Mecklenburg in northern Germany and Helsinki in Finland.
The C-Lion1 submarine cable system consists of 8 pairs of fibers with a total capacity of 144 Tbps. In addition, the Arctic Connect route may also include a route connecting Gulf of Bothnia and Hanko Peninsula, also known as the C-Lion2 system.
Therefore, once completed, Arctic Connect submarine cable system will connect Europe, North America and Asia. According to the current plan, the system will include six fiber pairs with a capacity of 60 Tbps and a total length of 18,000 kilometers.